Mother wearing hearing aids

I am very pleased with my new hearing. Initially, I was overwhelmed with the loud sounds. Now, I really enjoy hearing sounds such as birds, cars on the road, rain of the roof, and people talking. I can even understand what they are saying. Thank you.
O. T., Monroe, NC

Football coach wearing hearing aids

I was in complete denial concerning my hearing loss. I knew that I could not hear well, but I had convinced myself that most people spoke softly and mumbled a lot. But I was so wrong! My hearing loss was affecting my performance at work. With my work being so very important to me, I knew that I had to do something. When you can't hear, you can't perform no matter how much you are trying to fake it. What an unbelievable experience I had when I finally made an appointment with Dr. Wright at Manna Audiology. This man spent 2 hours with me and gave me the choice of what type of hearing instrument would be best for me. No one will ever know how very much I felt like a little boy on Christmas morning when he fit me with hearing aids, connected them to the computer, and I could honestly, really hear. I left his office and I truly could have walked on air. I would highly recommend to all my family and friends and to anyone who is "missing so much" to be tested by Dr. Wright at Manna Audiology, because it has absolutely changed my life. You will never regret it! Sincerely,
M.H., Matthews, NC

Active grandfather wearing hearing aids

Dear Brothers, I would love to thank you for your cooperation in obtaining for me new hearing aids. I am so pleased with them. There are nine channel devices that can be reprogrammed if the need arises. They were prescribed and fit by Dr. Wright M.A., CCC-A Manna Audiology Hearing Center. If you should need help hearing I highly recommend this company.

Grandparents wearing hearing aids

My life has changed so much for the better since I discovered Manna Audiology. For years I relied solely on reading lips or just keeping to myself. Since Kurt spent the time with me and I've learned what I needed in such an understandable way, I have come alive again. I smile so much more because I hear so much more. It's like being born again. I am so proud of my hearing aids that I show them to everyone. It's changed so much of my life. Thank you from the bottom of my heart Dr. Wright and Annette for making me feel like a family members. Coming to the office is such a thrill. I look forward to my next visit. Keep up the great work!! Manna will always be a part of me now.
T.K., Charlotte, NC

Older couple wearing hearing aids

I spent many years struggling with my hearing loss. I was actually afraid that when my husband proposed I wouldn't hear him. I had trouble hearing my grandchildren on the telephone and in person. One day a postcard came in the mail from Manna Audiology. I made up my mind to come in for a hearing test (this is not a scary experience). I am so relieved that I can hear well. When I come in for "check ups" it's like coming here to visit friends. I recommend Manna to anyone I can- it's great! Dr. Wright and Annette are wonderful and warm. Manna Audiology is a real blessing.
M.P. Indian Trail, NC

Grandmother wearing hearing aids holding child

These hearing aids are wonderful. I don't even know they are in my ears until I go to bed and have to remove them.
F. H., Peachland, NC

My mother got her first hearing aid at the age of 95. At that age, we find it harder to change our rituals and learn new things. Dr. Wright is so patient with my mother. He is patient when, honestly, I find it hard to be patient myself. He treats her with the utmost respect and he tailors his treatment to her ability to adapt, and makes her feel comfortable at all times. He does a great job of explaining why he does what he does, and makes sure we both understand. The hearing aids themselves have transformed her life. She had checked out of daily conversation because she couldn't hear. At the dinner table, if there were a lot of people talking, you could tell that she wasn't there. Now, she is part of the dinner conversation and talking with her is so nice and easy. I actually had to learn not to yell! The office is run with efficiency, the staff are all extremely nice, and the results simply speak for themselves. Thank you, Dr. Wright, for making my mother's life richer at 95!