3 ways We are different:


  1. We're a private practice audiology group. With a doctor of Audiology and a Hearing Instrument Specialist on staff, we are equipped to accurately diagnose and fully understand each person’s communication needs. 
  2. Our unique structure allows us to dedicate our focus on the individual patient’s needs. We offer un-rushed appointments so we can address your specific hearing issues and create real-life solutions. To us, you aren’t a name on a chart, you are a person we know and care about. 
  3. As an AudigyCertified* practice we are held to a higher standard of patient care and procedure, which ensures each patients’ satisfaction. 


* We are the only AudigyCertified™ hearing specialists in our region — a professional designation awarded by elite audiology practices across the country that have recognized our commitment to the highest standards of patient care.