1.  What level of technology will suit you best?

You have hearing aids – great! But those hearing aids won’t last forever. Think ahead, and decide what level of technology will suit you in the future. Maybe you are in level 9 right now, but in 3 years you will retire and your lifestyle will only require level 7 technology. Maybe you’re in level 3, but you noticed difficulty hearing in church services and would like more advanced technology so you choose level 5. Whatever your circumstance, consult with Dr. Wright about your hearing loss and what level of technology is appropriate for you. Not all levels of technology are suitable for all types of hearing loss. 

2.  How many points do you need?

Level 1  - 1200 pts 

Level 3  - 1800 pts 

Level 5  - 2400 pts 

Level 7  - 3300 pts 

Level 9  - 4200 pts

3.  How do you earn points? 

You earn points by accumulating qualified referrals. Each qualified referral is worth 300 points. 

4 referrals     =    1200 pts 

6 referrals     =    1800 pts 

8 referrals     =    2400 pts 

11 referrals   =   3300 pts 

14 referrals   =   4200 pts

4.  What is a qualified referral?

A qualified referral is a referral that purchases at least one hearing aid. A qualified referral cannot be an existing patient. A referral must complete the specified trial period to be considered qualified. The referral will be considered “pending” until the end of the trial period. Referrals must bring the signed referral card into our office at the time of their hearing evaluation. 

5.  How do you know how many qualified referrals and how many points you have accumulated?

Our office will track the referrals and points. You will be notified through a letter in the mail if a referral is pending. The letter will also specify any qualified referrals you have and how many points you have accumulated.

6.  What happens when you have reached your desired amount of points?

Schedule an appointment with Dr. Wright to discuss the best fitting options for you. We will place your order and schedule you for a delivery appointment!