Manufacturer Warranty

Your personal hearing system was designed to give you years of trouble-free satisfaction. However, even well designed products can fail. Although all manufacturers provide a limited repair warranty, most of the hearing instruments we recommend have a 3-year warranty that includes Service, Repair, and Loss & Damage.

Our hearing aids are backed by:

  • 75-day risk-free trial
  • 3-year comprehensive warranty*
  • 3 years of loss and damage insurance*
  • 3 years of free batteries*
  • Free follow-up service for three years to keep your devices clean and precision programmed to your evolving needs.

*Three-year warranty excludes certain entry-level devices, but we offer complete, 1-year warranty coverage.

Extended Warranty Protection

Just before the three-year manufacturer warranty expires, you will be notified via letter giving you the option to extend the entire warranty for one year. You may extend the warranty until the instrument is five-years old. 

The cost for extended warranty is $225/instrument/year of coverage.

Protect your investment in your hearing system and in your hearing health with the Extended Warranty Protection.

Our no-hassle warranty gives you peace-of-mind in case your system fails outside of the original manufacturer’s warranty.