Next Steps

  1. You notice your friend/family member isn’t hearing well.
  2. You suggest that your friend/family member visit Manna Audiology, and give them a Refer to Hear ™ card to our office.
  3. They come to our office for a Hearing Evaluation and give us their signed Refer to Hear ™ card.
  4. Based on Dr. Wright’s recommendation, they decide to purchase at least one hearing aid.
  5. You are notified in a letter that you have a pending referral.
  6. The person you referred loves their hearing aids, and keeps them through their trial period.
  7. You are notified in another letter that you have a qualified referral, and 300 points are then credited to your account.
  8. You continue to refer your friends/family to Manna Audiology, and the points add up.
  9. You earn a free set of hearing aids once you have enough points.